Saturday, May 23, 2009

23-05-2009 (Week 19) - Barcelona

So Scully and Margalit came on a European vacation. Margalit started in Amsterdam and Dublin with Bryan, and later came to the mainland in Madrid, Spain. Scully met here there before both of them travelled to Barcelona. Seeing as Barcelona wasn't all that far from Toulouse, they both decided it wouldn't be all that bad to stop by and pay a visit. And since I'd never been to Barcelona before, I grabbed my collegue Tobey and we drove down for the weekend, before picking them up and driving back to Toulouse.

The weekend started off interestingly enough. After finding a free parking spot in Barcelong (which is not an easy thing to do), I soon realized that I had forgotten something from my car. When I went back to check on my forgotten item, I discovered someone had smashed in the small triangular window of my car. So needless to say, I was worried the entire weekend about the car, and kept moving it back and forth to keep the theives at bay. Luckily for us, nothing got taken, and it didn't rain at all. But it did make the drive from Barcelona to Toulouse a little more interesting.

The first day saw a pretty relaxed viewing atmosphere of the Barcelona head, that was obviously an hommage to Brazil, and some awesome mac game beach ultimate. And in the ultimate game, it was not Scully, Margalit, or I who had the most consecutive macs, but none other than Tobey Vu, with a record 14.

Later than night we sat down for some food (where I've had possibly the best octopus in the world), and ended up partying all night until the break of down at a club that I originally thought permanently damaged my hearing. But a few weeks later, I was back to normal.

Our hostel in Barcelona seemed pretty upbeat. We had a ping pong table in which Tobey and I continually pounded Margalit and Scully. We also had beer in the vending machine, which is not all that uncommon. The best part of the hostel was that it was me and 7 girls in the same mixed room. I ended up sitting down and speaking a little French with two girls from Paris, which was pretty neat.

The following day we visited a lot of Gaudi architecture. He had created an entire houe we viewed as well as the famous La Sagrata Familla. That church is super amazing and I would recommend everyone get a chance to see it at some point in their lives. It is the most unique church I've ever seen, and apart from that, has great views of the city where there are areas to climb up.

After a long day of sight seeing, we went out later that night (Sans Tobey, cuz we wore him out the night before), to a ginormous club in Barcelona called Razzmatazz. It was enourmous, and lots of rooms with lots of people. So big we established a check point of where to meet if we got separated.

All in all, we saw sh!t hard, and we played hard. That was the theme of the weekend....


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