Sunday, May 17, 2009

17-05-2009 (Week 18) - Fontenay le Compte

Week 17 was the first weekend in awhile that I had the chance to stay in Toulouse. After a weekend spent at a local wine bar, playing a large game of credit card roulette where the loser payed for drinks the rest of the night, and climbing construction scaffolding to attempt to enter a foreign French party, I headed out of town once more to Fontenay-Le-Compte, France to complete the second leg of the French Outdoor Ultimate National Championships.

The tournament is comprised of two weekends of round robin play. There are typically 8 teams per division. The top two teams after round robin play will then play for the national championship. I should start off by saying we were not in the top division, but the second to best division. Therefore, we NEVER had the chance to win the French National Championship. The best we could hope for would be to move up to the premier division by finishing either first or second in our division.

The first weekend of this tournament we went 2-2, so there were already two teams ahead of us in the standings (at least), and we'd need some luck to finish in the top two. As it turns out, we played well all weekend, especially our zone offense, and finished the tournament 4-0. However, this wasn't enough as the two teams that beat us the previous weekend of the tournament emmerged as the 1 and 2 teams to advance to the premiere league next year.

But this blog is more about watching the French Ultimate National Championship. Although I've never been to the U.S. national championships, the athleticism seemed to be on about the same, but the careless drops surprised me, as can be witnessed in the video. I didn't get to watch the entire match, but there were too many careless mistakes from what I saw. But all in all, the teams were solid. Our team played great, and I'm glad I had the chance to experience the French Ultimate Championships.


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