Sunday, January 18, 2009

18-01-2009 (Week 1) - Biarritz and San Sebastian

Week 1

This week was very event filled. Remember, I arrived on the 9th of January. That Friday we went to the grociery story and stocked up on some food. Saturday we went down town and just explored the town a bit. I decided to take a gamble on a dish. Pied du porc. For those of you who know French, you know it's a gamble. For those of you who don't, see the video for more details :)

Sunday, January 11th we took off for a city in southeast France. Carcassonne. This is an old city most well known for it's castle. It's castle, in fact, was the setting for the original movie Robin Hood. This was a great day trip seeing as Carcassonne is only about an hour drive from Toulouse.

My first week of work also went smoothly. I'm staying busy already and working late everyday (sometimes because I get in late). We've done the usual things that people do in France like drink beers in the street, eat kobabs at 3am after leaving the bars during the week, and driving 6 speed manual transmission mini-vans.

Wednesday I got my first chance to go to the Ultimate practice. I must've impressed, because they invited me to play in the French Outdoor National Championships this summer. Or, maybe they just ask everybody, who knows....

This past weekend was filled with more travel. Biarritz, France on Friday, January 17th and then on to San Sebastian, Spain on the 18th. Both are coastal cities and very beautiful. The picture above is from Biarritz.

We found a casino in Biarritz where believe it or not 3 out of 4 people in my traveling group came out ahead (props to Brian and Schlotty also). Unfortunately for Jeff, he ended the night over 50 Euros in the hole. In San Sebastian, we hiked a hill adjacent to the bay opening, and had a great view of the sunset as well as the entire town. After the hike, we all took a siesta before attempting to close down the discoteque. Unfortunately, we only made it till 6am. And in my opinion, we were the best dancers there....

WARNING: The video is kinda long and it has a lot of me talking. I will correct that for future videos... :)

Biarritz Pics

San Sebastian Pics


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  2. Where is the video you refer to when you talking about about stepping out on food you ate? "For those of you who don't, see the video for more details :)"