Sunday, March 15, 2009

14-03-2009 (Week 9) - Dublin

Dublin is the trip where a bunch of our Wichita friends came out to Europe to visit us. Since Toulouse doesn't have a ton going on and this was the weekend before St. Patrick's B-day, we figured it'd be a good place to meet.
Those on the trip included:

(From Wichita) - Barry, Dianne, Dan, Ashley, Tia, Jessica, Nick, Jenna
(From France) - Justin, Brian, Jeff, Ticknor, myself

The four of us got into town on a Thursday night (the Wichitans were arriving the following morning). We didn't want to waste a night in Dublin, so we thought we'd just scope out the bar scene to know what was good, where to go, etc. Well, as it turns out the 'scoping out' lasted until 4 am. We headed to the Temple bar district and went to none other than the Temple Bar for some very fresh Guinness. Needless to say, when Jeff and I got up around 7am to go pick everyone up at the airport, we were a little tired.

After getting eveyrone into our hostel (Jacob's Inn), we headed out to view the city. On a side note, the hostel was the worst I've stayed in during all my trips in Europe. It was under construction, and there was no hot water (except in the basement). and for that, I apologize to everyone who came from Wichita. But it was cheap, and you can't argue with that. AND it had a beer vending machine...booyah!

On Friday we spent the day exploring the city which included stops at Trinity to see the book of Kells, and the Guinness tour which included pouring the perfect pint. After a full day of walking and site seeing, everyone was pretty tired (especially those experiencing jet lag). So the majority of us went to bed. The minority of us (Brian, Ticknor, Justin, and myself) stopped into a traditional irish pub for some traditional irish car bombs and traditional irish music. A well spent night out indeed.

Sunday we had a planned tour across the country of Ireland. We took a train from Dublin across the country to varying places such as the Cliffs of Moher, Burren, and Galway Bay. We also stopped at a castle called Bunratty Castle. The sights were magnificient, and pictures nor video can do it justice.

When we got back Saturday night we all proceeded to go out where I dominated Jenna in the game of 'who could stay up later.' We also ate dinner at a steak n shake wannabe restaurant that was so good, there were people licking the windows outside of where we were eating....

Sunday we got up a visited St. Patrick's cathedral before the French boys had to head back. The others got to stay for actual St. Patrick's day, which I'm very jealous of. But I won't complain too much about that...

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